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Unforgettable nature experience


The Park´s five climbing routes and Kid´s Land are tucked away in a beutiful natural forest setting. They have been designed and built valuing their natural surroundings. Some routes are a little lower, while others are breathtakingly high, so whether you are a beginner or an experienced athletic adventurer, at Atreenalin Adventure Park Saimaa you get to enjoy a unique experience in nature.


Let the Adventure begin!

You do not need prior experience to take part in an adventure at the Adventure Park. All you need is a mind open to adventure! The Discovery and Family routes are suitable for the younger adventurers (over 130 cm or 4ft 3in tall) in the family, as long as under 13-year-olds are accompanied by a guardian on the route. Kids’ Land includes several fun activities for future adventurers.

The Adventure route offers lots of fun while challenging you at the same time. It ends up in an exciting 230-metre zip-line. Sport, on the other hand, will challenge even the tough athlete: the 10-metre-high route will put your fitness and skills to the test.

Adventurers wear a harness and helmet in the Park. Due to the modern belay device the climber is attached to the lifeline at all times, and cannot accidentally get detached from it when off the ground. Climbers are always given guidance in the correct use of equipment on a practicing route before setting off on an adventure route. If a climber does well on the practicing route, they are ready for the adventure!


Height and Weight Restrictions

The minimum height for adventurers is 130 cm (4ft 3in). Kids’ Land is an exception to this, as it is intended for the youngest climbers who are a maximum of 140 cm (4ft 7in) tall.

The maximum weight for adventurers is 120 kg (18st 12lb). In Kids’ Land it is 40 kg (6st 4lb), bigger adventurers can assist from the ground.


Are You Under 18?

Under 13-year-old adventurers must always be accompanied by an adult guardian on the routes. One guardian can have a maximum of three children under their care.

Under 18-year-olds going on an adventure without a guardian must have written consent from a guardian, i.e. the Safety Regulations signed by a guardian. You can find the Safety Regulations here. They are also available at the Adventure Park.


Wear the Right Kind of Clothing

We strongly suggest you wear outdoor clothes appropriate to the weather, gloves and solid flat closed shoes. It is possible to buy gloves suitable for the adventure on location.

For safety reasons long hair must be tied back and scarves should be left behind or tucked inside jackets. Rings, watches and other accessories that could get caught or fall should also be removed before climbing on a route.


The Effect of Weather Conditions on Adventures

Atreenalin Adventure Park Saimaa is built in Finnish forest. As a result, weather conditions affect adventures. Usually weather conditions do not restrict or interrupt adventures, but there are some exceptions to this:

  • It is not possible to go on and adventure or proceed on one when there is thunder. Once the thunder has passed by, it is possible to proceed again.
  • In the event of winds reaching close to 12 metres per second the routes will be closed.
  • In freezing temperatures even Superman starts to feel the cold nipping the tips of his fingers and toes. The Adventure Park is closed if temperatures drop to -10 degrees Celsius or lower.
  • Natural phenomena, such as rain or sleet followed by a sudden drop in temperatures, can also affect or interrupt adventures.


Contact information

Atreenalin Adventure Park

Tiuruniementie 84

55320 Rauha

Puh. 0400 354 795


More information and opening hours:



The Adventure Park offers Kid´s Land and five climbing routes. Some routes are a little lower, while others are breathtakingly high!